A complete Call Center Suite

OMniLeads® is our GPLV3 Software for Contact Centers, which allows to implement and manage a Contact Center for incoming and outgoing operations, with access to metrics, reports and metrics, real-time monitoring of agents and other advanced QA functionalities and contact management.
Within a 100% web universe, the different user profiles (agents, supervisors, administrators and customers) are able to access OMniLeads® from any modern browser, since it does not imply the use of the typical “Softphone” desktop application, avoiding configuration on each agent workstation. Just access a web address (https) to be online and operating!

Powerful Commercial Addons

Through commercial Addons, the platform begins to expand towards those most demanding accounts.
These modules can be purchased individually and add some PRO functionalities. They can also be used to increase some of the available features enabled by default.

Different Use Cases

  • Companies that want to manage and extend communication channels they maintain with their customers.
  • Customer Contact Services (BPOs).
  • Management of debt portfolios (debt collections).
  • Service center providing public services, and many more scenarios
The user is released from the typical restrictions of the traditional software licensing model. Instead, they can acquire (optionally) a manufacturer support service based on CI / CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery), taking advantage of contingency scenarios over the cloud, taking a step beyond the quality that already has its own systems and infrastructure department.