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Freetech Solutions® guarantees the correct management of incoming and outgoing call traffic, through its own suite of Contact Center OMniLeads® and Unified Communications.

Management of shifts and medical studies, Patient Self-Management through Smart IVRs or Smart Pre-attendants, wireless technology for internal use by doctors and nurses, specific solutions for clear needs of the segment.

In addition, our Contact Center introduces the concept of Self-Consultation Interfaces, giving the medical professional and the patient the possibility of communicating in videoconference using a simple explorer or browser.

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The implementation of an advanced Contact Center, specialized in tracking and recovering delinquent portfolios, is possible with the help of Freetech Solutions®. Its easy integration with a powerful Collection Management Software allows the correct administration of Early Mora, Judicial Mora, Late Mora and Preventive. By providing different contact channels for debt control and monitoring, it allows you to more than meet the different stages of the collection process.

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We are aware of the evolution of communications in the different market segments, as well as the need to achieve convergence in the different channels that connect us with customers.

That is why Freetech Solutions® offers a range of products that meet the requirements of the banking sector: smartphones and transparent management of remote branches, survival mechanisms and high availability, agenda and contact management, web videoconferences and messaging services .

Among other benefits, the new Freetech API module allows direct integration with internal management and CRM systems, as well as intelligent mechanisms for reproduction of balances and text-to-speech engines (Text to Speech).

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 For many agencies and service companies, migrating to a Unified Communications solution can be a problem, especially if you already have old telephone systems and rotary service lines.

However, at Freetech Solutions® we understand that this is NOT the case. We specialize in providing a transparent and gradual migration, minimizing investment and allowing us to penetrate the world of Voice over IP with secure and firm steps.

Union of branches, Call Center for multiple channels, claims self-management or connection requirements through an Intelligent IVR, systems integration through Freetech API … viable paths thanks to our range of products.

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 It is more than demonstrated that the educational segment can greatly improve the experience of the student and the education professional when he expands the potential in his communication channels. To do this, Freetech Solutions® offers solutions in unified communications that make this possible.

Attention through an Omnicanal Contact Center, remote headquarters management software (such as headquarters or campus), 100% Web videoconferences for virtual classrooms, are just some examples of how we make a difference.

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 When contacting a customer service, the customer is the one who chooses the communication channel that best suits him. As well as, when contacting a lead, we must know the communication channels of your choice. That is why Freetech Solutions® is committed to an Omnicanal Contact Center that guides its results to enhance Customer Exprience. This is achieved by understanding the needs of the client. That’s when our OMniLeads® Contact Center goes out to the ring.

Key modules such as Post-Call Surveys (Post Call Survey), Mass Contact Campaigns, Chat, Social Networks and CRMs, make Freetech Solutions® a company that meets the demands of the market.

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