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The seconds count. Protect your business with the right tools. We are aware that the success of your business depends on the care and dedication to your technological investment. 

Freetech Solutions®
 offers you what you are looking for to promote your success: peace of mind and continuous training for your staff.Increasing your operating time and anticipating critical events is key when choosing a Support Proposal.

Keeping your infrastructure updated and up to date will help you deal with your time in a safe and reliable way.

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Through our Customer Portal, you can be in line with our experts, maintaining the correct tracking of incidents, configuration requests and general technology inquiries. Feel free to optimize your operating times and improve the autonomy of your own equipment.

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Monitoring 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Access to Freetech Solutions® Monitoring allows you to control your infrastructure and anticipate the critical events that may occur during the operation of your business.

From operational problems in relevant services to scheduled alarms of specific events, everything is possible to parameterize thanks to our Monitoring Cloud Portal.

Resolve technical incidents faster, using effective communication channels with our Helpdesk. Improve the user experience with the expected training.


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Access our team of engineers to deal with specific incidents or acquire a "pack" of hours on demand to manage according to your convenience

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Subscribe your company to support, update, maintenance and monitoring plans according to the needs of your structure.

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