¿Why Open Source?

At Freetech Solutions we bet on Agile Methodology and Continuous Improvement processes: it means that we are always building on what we have learned before, with agile processes and a strategic vision. 

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Good Practices… Good Business:


As creators of an Open Source Software project, the Freetech Solutions team is committed to Agile Methodology and Continuous Improvement processes: it means that we are always building on what we have learned before, making mistakes and learning from them. From design to functionality, we implement collaborative technology to achieve business goals.

We are aware that community development requires the organization to constantly reinvent itself, a continuous movement, which implies getting out of the comfort zone every time there is an innovative technology or an overcoming idea that moves the pieces of software to the next level.

However, as the project grows, the investment is expected to be stable over time; this is our real benefit. More than a Branding job, we understand that the message of our brand must "live" in the organization and in the collaborators as a Whole, in such a way that those who consume the software associate the way of developing it with the way in which the company base your business.

It is seen that both the Internet and the increasingly popular model of Cloud Computing would be very different if they had not been based on Open Source Software.

For these reasons, it is very important to know how to communicate to the end customer the real value of their products and services being part of a Community of Users and Developers, as well as highlighting that the growth of various types of communities (partners, customers, etc.) is translated into a high-level strategic objective.

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Development Model:

We support community concepts since our initial steps, whether or not created by the Company, and we bring new business features and functionality to them. Feedback from the software users enhances the Freetech Solutions development process.

In turn, Open Source projects sponsored by Freetech Solutions are available free of charge. However, assembling them in an agile way and turning them into executable codes in their different scenarios requires time and experience.

However, if companies require a "Plug & Play" software, they acquire the "Value" of a Service Subscription.

Some of our advantages when adopting a Community Based Development Model can be described as follows:

  • Durability: If a vendor stops developing the software, the code will always be accessible for providing continuity.
  • 360 Development: Senior Engineers connect with the Community and thus promote the most promising ideas.
  • 360 Innovation: It starts with the Open Source community from proven and reliable products, breaking geographical barriers.
  • Security: public access allows security threats to be discovered and fixed in record time. Freetech Solutions reinforces quality tests to provide peace of mind.
  • Cost: since there are no licensing models under Copyright, the implementation is less expensive. In turn, the ability to adjust and support allows valuable time savings.

Constant innovation is traduced into enterprise-ready products and solutions…"

10 Reasons to choose an Open Source Solution

Added Value of the Subscription Model:


It is a somewhat unfortunate conception that Open Source software, free and supported by a Community of developers and enthusiasts, should be "low cost" to perform business tasks.

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However, when viewed in the context of a much larger investment, the reality is that the cost of commercially supported open source software is an investment that produces systems that are more scalable, secure, more available, and cost less to operate in the long run.

The strategic objectives are to add value when offering a product based on the philosophy of Free Software, but under the perspective of Open Source.

Our advantages:


Safe, stable and reliable technology.

Specialized Support

What is necessary to put the platform to operate in the most complex and varied environments.

Cloud Native

Approval of cloud providers.


Enterprise-grade warranty, backed by proven success stories.


Continuous updates and vulnerability protection tools in each modular design.


Open source as a strategic business ally.


Installation, configuration and approved operation, based on our Quality Assurance Program. It covers a traceability matrix of Testing based on BDD (Behavior-Driven-Development): Acceptance, Regression, Functionality, Integration, Performance, Scalability. Freetech Solutions bets on an area of ​​Quality Engineers dedicated to standardizing Product Acceptance and Validation Tests.

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Knowledge Bases:

Architectures, case of studies, success stories, documentation and production of technical videos are excellent applied consulting services.


Engineers support the community, turning technology into business products. Each user, developer or customer feedback benefits the entire community.

Proactive Tools

They ensure that the company can identify problems before they become operational, saving time and money.