Multichannel in Communications

Nowadays it is common for our communication modes to “jump” from one channel to another: from a text message (SMS) we pass to a phone call (Voice), we continue with an email (Email), then we send information via WhatsApp ® (Instant Message).
However, these media are not fully integrated but are maintained in disjointed systems, losing all kinds of traceability when linking conversations.
Unified Communications make this integration possible, allowing the linking of channels and information that flows through them through the same application. Now it is easy to have a conversation by messaging, and at the same time raise a conference room or send an email, all from the same communication session.
Freetech Solutions® makes this possible with the Sangoma FreePBX® and PBXact® products, whose modules interact with each other to provide a connection experience from anywhere and at any time.

Smart features set

        • VPN Security Modules that provide a remote connection to your technicians in a safe and reliable way.
        • End-Points Manager (End-Points Manager), which allow self-provisioning and self-configuration of smart phones.
        • Video Conferencing, Messaging and Click-to-Call capabilities.
        • Mobility and simplicity through the Unified Communications App and “Zulu UC Desktop”.
        • 100% Web access to the End User for configurations of its extension: voicemail, forwarding, conference rooms, etc.
        • “Phone Apps”, which allow extending the functionality of the User from its extension Display.
        • “Addons” or Enterprise Commercial Modules to take the customer experience to demanding levels.

“Desktop and Mobile” applications

Zulu UC Business Communication for Desktop, a Collaboration Tool that puts the user at the center of the scene in terms of “Collaboration”, in a simple and intuitive way.
  • Make / Receive calls using the user’s extension.
  • Chat through direct or group messages.
  • Contact List, which allows a “dial by name”.
  • Presence Control (Available, Do Not Disturb, “Away”, Chat).
  • File Sharing
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Supported in several Operating Systems: Windows, Mac OSX and Linux.
  • Mobile App (Beta Mode!).