Wide range of telephone equipment

Our wide range of digital telephony equipment allows you to keep your current telephone infrastructure (analog lines, E1 / T1 digital frames, analog telephones), connecting it with Voice-over-IP based services. There is no need to change your current PBX to enjoy the benefits of the IP world, thanks to the wide variety of Gateways and hybrid equipment.

“Smart Business”

Designed to work in any type of SIP infrastructure, IP phones add intelligence to their business processes. Its “PoE” (Power Over Ethernet) capabilities make it unnecessary to use power cables or transformers.

Video conferencing and multiple functionalities

A wide spectrum of models allows you to vary your functionalities for every need: powerful speakerphones, extendable and multi-conference buttons, High Definition Voice, video conference extensions, VPN (Virtual Private Network) capabilities, and much more.

“Cloud” technology: cloud ready

The telephone equipment is prepared to be integrated into the cloud, and is ideal for scenarios where convergence of solutions is a mandatory requirement. Interconnection of branches, remote connections, teleworkers, cloud contingency, all this is possible thanks to the possibilities of the IP PBX solution.