Mass Contact Campaigns

ICS is a Web application that allows you to run telephone broadcast, telephone surveys, debt notifications, event reminders. Allowing to save each received interaction, as well as redirect calls to extensions, queues or any destination of the customer switch (PBX) on each call contacted by the dialer.
From uploading a database of “excel” contacts to the system, users can in a few steps configure the “content” of the call and the expected responses of the interaction with the destination phone.
Multiple audios can be played on each call answered, ICS also allows you to launch audio generated by TTS (Text to Speech) so that each call can be customized by reproducing an audio componed by database information.
The application allows real-time monitoring of each campaign, as well as the execution of on-demand reports.

Use cases for all needs


  • Debt notifications in portfolio management processes (collections).
  • Reminders and Confirmation of medical shifts.
  • Telephone sale.
  • Political campaigns.
  • Market Survey, and much more!

100% Web and Friendly Environment

ICS is a tool that is well-learned using thanks to its intuitive interface, being able to implement TTS (text to speech) or ASR (voice recognition) when playing a message or interpreting a response.
A company will be able to see its automation and Contact level increased once it starts firing ICS campaigns.